• Promotes positive growth &
    helps reduce mortality*

    Takuetsu Koi

    With 40% crude protein

    * Includes Aquatic Yeast to promote the health of the animal, therefore positively affecting growth rates and reducing mortality

  • free from any added artificial
    colourants, flavours or preservatives

    Takuetsu Koi

    Citrus fruit extracts provide
    essential nutrients

Takuetsukoi Performance Gold - 40% Crude Protein
5mm Floating Golden Nugget

Takuetsukoi Performance Gold contains protein from plant, fish and vegetable sources; formulated to provide peak levels of health and enhanced growth with no compromise on quality and no restriction on nutrition. Free from any added artificial colourants, flavours or preservatives, we feel our product is more natural. Professional Gold includes vegetable oil which is less degenerative compared to popular fish oil based ingredients helping your product stay fresher-in-the-bucket for longer.

Takuetsukoi Performance Gold has evolved from an energy of research and development to understand a healthy Koi's diet combining the nutrition required to help enhance growth healthily. Our product includes premium grade ingredients and the golden nugget has a honey comb texture with pockets of air to aid buoyancy.

We offer you the fish keeper complete piece of mind and reassurance in the knowledge our efforts have been applied to promote well-being amongst your fish and guarantee to take your requirements in to account outside of the bucket. We welcome you to join us to form a successful working partnership. We're not only about fish, we are about you too. 

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  • Product Summary
  • Ingredients
  • Feeding Guide
  • Citrus fruit extracts provide essential nutrients
  • Spirulina for enhanced natural colour
  • Quality digestible ingredients reduce waste
  • 40% crude protein to aid growth and well-being 
  • Rich in carbohydrates to provide essential energy
  • Rich in vitamins A, E & C antioxidants for immunity
  • Rich in amino acids for growth and muscle maintenance
  • Rich in B vitamins required for protein & energy digestion
  • Rich in Vitamin D for absorbing calcium & phosphorus, essential for skeletal growth
  • Wheatgerm inclusion aids lower water temperature digestibility (6°C and above)
  • Includes less degenerative vegetable oil rather than fish based oil for increased product freshness

Analytical Constituents:
Crude Protein 40.0%
Crude Oils & Fats 7.0%
Crude Fibres 2.7% 
Crude Ash 5.6% 

Maize Gluten Meal, High Protein Soya Bean Meal, Wheatgerm Meal, Wheat Flour, Fish Meal, Soya Bean Oil, Aquatic Yeast, Spirulina

Nutritional Additives (per kg):
Vitamin A 35,000 iu/kg, Vitamin D3 2,700 iu/kg, Vitamin E 140 mg/kg (as alpha tocopherol), Vitamin C 250 mg/kg

Trace Elements (per kg):
Ferrous sulphate monohydrate 133 mg/kg, Zinc oxide 139 mg/kg, Manganese oxide 219 mg/kg, Cupric sulphate pentahydrate 20 mg/kg, Calcium iodate hydrous 8.18 mg/kg, Sodium selenite 0.20 mg/kg, Antioxidants

Feed your fish two or three times a day, at each visit offer as much food as they will consume within a few minutes. Offer smaller regular amounts when introducing new food and remove anything uneaten from the water. Only feed Takuetsukoi fish food when the water temperature is 6ºC or above. Wheatgerm fish food is recommended for water temperatures below 10ºC.

When introducing a new diet, fish are sometimes cautious because the new food is different to the food they are used to. Introduce new food in smaller quantities to minimise waste whilst fish familiarise with any new look, smell, feel and taste. You can mix new food with previous food to help the fish adjust to unfamiliar food more quickly.